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Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Stream exposes students to a comprehensive, project-based flow of courses starting with introductory, conceptual-based topics in classification, object detection and neural networks.

Spotlighting One of our Current Students

Meet Lia, a student and Stream Assistant at NexStream.In this video Lia shares her positive experiences as a student in the Machine Learning Stream.

When she first joined NexStream, she had no prior experience in Machine Learning, but she was very interested to learn as it has become increasingly relevant to all aspects of life in this day and age.

She explains how NexStream has a unique approach to self-paced online learning, and how the hands-on projects using Raspberry Pi hardware makes up for the lack of in-person classrooms.

Lia also talks about her insights on how NexStream is promoting diversity in the field of STEM by encouraging female students to take leadership positions and gaining experience in that field.

Watch the video to know more about Lia and her experiences at NexStream.

What Our Customers Say About Us


As a parent of a high school student interested in STEM, I believe ML (Machine Learning) will be one of the critical necessary computer science skills that will benefit their future career. ML as the vehicle driving AI (Artificial Intelligence) development forward, has started to gain traction within scientific research, engineering, and other emerging technologies, from drug discovery to image optimization to logistics and manufacturing. I believe NexStream's robust curriculum is an excellent primer for our kid's path to use ML as one of the tools to help them accelerate in the future with any STEM fields that they are interested in.

Jimmy, parent of a 10th grade student

My son smiles so much during your classes and I have never seen him being so happy with his work!

Lucy, parent of a 12th grade intern

The course content and material for ML-110 was great. They were indeed interesting.

A 9th grade student

Michael enjoys this program and I am sure he will learn a lot of things he is interested in from you guys.

Xin, parent of an 8th grade student and intern


At NexStream, we support individualized education plans for each student based on the incoming level and speed at which the student progresses through the curriculum. Students work on a series of courses and units in a main curriculum pathway called a Stream.

The Stream material consists of cloud-based instructional videos, presentations and assessments as well as hands-on guided projects which are designed to be completely self-contained. The students can go through the lessons and projects at their own pace and do not have to follow a prescribed timeline.

We augment our self-paced learning environment with weekly online assistance sessions. During these online sessions, Stream instructors and Stream Assistants (SAs) are available to answer questions about the material covered in the online lessons and/or provide guidance with the hands-on projects.

During each session, our instructors and SAs check in with the students to find out what area they might need help with and/or require a quick tutorial on. Based on this feedback, the students are assigned to breakout rooms where they can work directly with the instructors or SAs.

Guided projects are hands-on applications of the main concepts that are covered in one or multiple units. The projects are specifically designed to apply the learned concepts in a practical setting in order to help students solidify their understanding of the material. Instructors and Stream Assistants (SAs) will be on hand to help guide the students through the projects if needed and to answer questions.

Initial assessments are available upon request to help determine which course the student may start with in the Stream of his/her choice.

To start in our Streams, the students should have satisfactorily completed the 7th grade Math level before enrolling.

Our team of instructors is led by active technology teachers who each have over 25 years of engineering industry experience. Tony Mauro leads the NexStream curriculum development while maintaining a teaching and leadership role with the Engineering and Computer Science department at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) in the San Dieguito Union High School District in San Diego, California.

Tony also leads the teaching department. Under his supervision, the sessions are led by instructors recruited from CS and CE departments of top universities. At NexStream, we strive to hire only the best and the brightest, and we provide our instructors with a series of training programs to help them be effective educators and collaborators.

Currently, all of our classes are held online. NexStream will re-examine the possibility of adding in-person classes once Cov-19 restrictions are lifted.

There will be no more than 8 students in each session. There will be one Stream instructor, and at least one Instructor Assistant (IA) and/or Stream Assistant (SA) available for each session to help students through the self-paced lessons as well as the hands-on guided projects.

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