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About Us

At NexStream, our main goal is to instill the same passion we have for engineering into future generations and to make education in engineering accessible for everyone. Veterans in the fields of electrical and computer engineering, all three of our founders have worked in the high-tech industry. Tony and Babak, are active curriculum developers while Dandan has experience managing English teachers for  Alo7.com  (largest English digital curriculum developer for K-12 schools in China). We believe that learning engineering is more than just watching lectures and taking tests. It’s about discipline and planning; it’s about learning how to apply math and sciences to practical problems; and it is about finally answering the age old question, “why do I need to know this?”

Having an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the  University of California, San Diego, Babak Aryan has 27 years of industry experience at  Qualcomm Inc.  He’s worked on Voice Encoder-Decoder systems, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) wireless systems, 5G wireless systems, and much more. Beyond that, he’s created an EE (electrical engineering) curriculum for middle and high school students and taught EE at an after-school program.

Tony Mauro also has an MS in Electrical Engineering from the  University of Southern CA  and is a registered patent agent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. He has 25 years of industry experience in the fields of communication systems, digital signal processing, multimedia, and more. Currently, he teaches Computer Science and Engineering at Canyon Crest Academy, a nationally ranked public high school in the San Dieguito Union High School District in San Diego, California.

Dandan Pan has a BA in Foreign Languages from Zhejiang University  and MS in Consumer Economics from Cornell University. As founder/co-founder of two educational companies, Dandan has plenty of experience in Product Management, Business Development, Program/Project Management at top high-tech companies. She’s led the development of an effective platform that recruits and manages thousands of global tutors for Alo7.com with over 100K applicants.

Our Mission and Teaching Philosophy

At NexStream, the technical education of the future generation is our main goal and priority. We strive to provide a revolutionary learning experience in Computer Science, Technology, and Engineering. To do so, we provide a self-paced, project-based learning environment, arming students with the skills necessary to tackle the next generation of technical careers. Students go through our cloud-based instructional videos, presentations and assessments as well as hands-on guided projects at their own pace. Their learning experience is then augmented with online assistance sessions where our instructors are available to answer questions about the material covered in the online lessons and/or provide guidance with the hands-on projects.

Whether the students are looking to gain vocational skills in order to enter the workforce or are looking to supplement a college application, we believe NexStream can help. NexStream’s curriculum pathways (Streams) offer the right combination of theoretical background and hands-on experience to provide the students with an in-depth exposure to the most relevant technologies in the high-tech industry, helping them accomplish their goals.