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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning Stream

Our Machine Learning (ML) courses provide a comprehensive, project-based and fun learning experience in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence. The first Flow in our ML Stream starts with introductory, conceptual-based topics in classification, object detection and neural networks. The Stream then provides a deep-dive into Python fundamentals, data structures, object-oriented programming, recursion, and relevant applications to Machine Learning and Data Mining. Next, the Stream provides a foundation of the Python specific libraries used in Machine Learning in addition to a Statistics primer course, which includes many of the topics covered in a high school level advanced-placement Statistics class. The students are further presented with Data Mining techniques and introduced to regression algorithms and databases. Next, students are taught the traditional Machine Learning algorithms used in practice today, including supervised and unsupervised classification. Next, several courses providing a deep-dive into neural network construction, training, and analysis are then presented. Finally, students are exposed to advanced topics and applications in Machine Learning.

Please note that all incoming students are required to complete the ML NexStarter™ course before subscribing to the ML Stream.

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