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Machine Learning Program Details

Machine Learning Subscription

Provides access to our online Machine Learning (ML) curriculum and hands-on projects on our Learning Management System. Also includes 1.5 hour of online weekly sessions during which students interact with our Instructors, Instructor Assistants (IAs) and Stream Assistants (SAs) to ask questions and seek guidance on their projects. During the online sessions, the students also work in teams to collaborate on coding challenges and group projects.

Sessions are limited to 8 students only. Each session is conducted by one instructor, at least one Instructor Assistant (IA) and at least one Stream Assistant (SA).

To learn more about NexStream's Machine Learning program, please see the ML Overview Video or the Machine Learning Open House Video.
For additional information, see our FAQ page or Contact Us with your question.

Equipment List

The following equipment will be required for the students to complete the hands-on projects.

Raspberry Pi 4B+ Kit
Camera RPI V2
HDMI Monitor (or equivalent)
Keyboard (or equivalent)
Mouse (or equivalent)

The equipment cost is expected to be approximately $125~$250