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Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering Stream

Our Computer Engineering (CE) courses provide a comprehensive, project based and fun learning experience in digital electronics circuit design starting with fundamentals of electricity. After providing a firm foundation in concepts of electricity and electronics, the Stream then introduces students to digital electronics where students learn about binary representation of numbers, simple logic gates all the way to complex gate arrays used in sophisticated digital development platforms. After gaining a mastery of digital logic design basics, students learn how these basic blocks of digital electronics are combined to create microprocessor chips and computer boards.

Each course in the Stream includes practical and fun hands-on projects to help students solidify their understanding of the material they have learned. Each Flow also ends with a capstone project, where students work individually or in teams to design and build their own electronic circuits.

Please note that all incoming students are required to complete the CE NexStarter™ course before subscribing to the CE Stream.

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