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What are Streams?

Each Stream provides a comprehensive treatment of a particular field of engineering such as Machine Learning or Computer Engineering. Streams are divided into multiple levels called Flows. Each Flow is a collection of courses in a specific topic related to the main engineering field. Courses within each Flow contain lessons (units), assignments and hands-on projects. Hands-on projects are designed to give students a practical understanding of the theory covered in the units.

What is the tuition and what does it cover?

Streams are offered as monthly subscription programs for $240 a month. A subscription to a particular Stream gives students 24/7 access to NexStream's multimedia content for that Stream. The tuition also covers one 1.5 hour class per week.

How do I enroll?

To enroll as a student: 1) Create a student account, 2) select the Stream you would like to enroll in and 3) click on "Purchase Subscription".
To enroll your child, 1) Create a parent account, 2) create a linked student account for your child, 3) select the Stream you would like to enroll your child in and 4) click on "Purchase Subscription".
Would you rather be guided through the process? Call us at +1 (858) 247-2486, and we'd be happy to help.

Are there any Prerequisites?

For all our Streams, we require students to have satisfactorily completed 7th grade before enrolling.

For additional information, please see our FAQ page or send us your question.


NexStarter™ courses are designed to give students an introduction to a particular Stream (e.g. Machine Learning or Computer Engineering).

Computer Engineering

Our Computer Engineering (CE) courses provide a comprehensive, project based and fun learning experience in digital electronics circuit design starting with fundamentals of electricity.

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning (ML) courses provide a comprehensive, project-based and fun learning experience in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence.

Seasonal Program 2021 Winter NexStarter™ Camps
Offered Courses:
  • Machine Learning Stream NexStarter™ course (ML-100NS)
  • ML NexStarter™ course is designed to give students an introduction to the basics of the Machine Learning Stream. After the completion of ML NexStarter™ course, if interested, students can subscribe in the Machine Learning Stream to continue with the long-term program.
  • 4:1 student to instructor ratio

  • Online

  • Must have completed 7th grade by the start of the program
  • Two 1-Week camps from Dec 27th 2021 to Jan 7th 2022
  • Each 1-week camp runs for 5 days (Mon-Fri); 1.5hrs each day

  • $299 for the one week camp
  • NexStarter™ tuition can be applied towards 1st month's subscription in our long-term program if your student enrolls in Jan '22 to start monthly subscription in Feb '22. Please use the referral code "Winter21" in the NexStarter™ payment form to take advantage of this offer.


* Please make sure to create a parent account for yourself and a linked student account for your child to take advantage of student progress dashboard and many other useful features on our site.
For instructions on how to create a parent and a linked student accounts, watch this quick tutorial video.
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